NERI has an international reputation for biostatistical services across a broad range of methodologies and approaches. We employ one of the largest and most seasoned biostatistical groups in the Northeast which represents an unmatched team of experts in all aspects of clinical research study design, data analysis, and results interpretation.

All NERI statisticians have graduate degrees in statistics or biostatistics and over half have doctoral degrees.


Like all of our project teams, NERI statisticians have deep scientific knowledge to support their statistical expertise. Our statistics team members collaborate with clinicians, epidemiologists, and investigators on study design and implementation, including sample size and power calculations and analysis plan development. They work closely with our data management teams to advise on sample selection, design of data collection instruments, data quality control, and data management. Because many of our statistician also lead their own scientific projects, they are expert at statistical analysis and summary of results, actively contributing to report and manuscript writing.

Whether part of a larger trial or research study or as a standalone service, our statistical offering includes:

  • Statistical methods for complex sample surveys
  • Reliability and validity assessment
  • Mixed-model analysis
  • Methods for categorical data analysis
  • Study design and protocol development
    • Selection of endpoints
    • Selection of appropriate statistical analyses
    • Justification of sample sizes and power analyses
    • Creation of statistical analysis plans
  • Adaptive trial designs and interim analysis approaches
  • Customized survey design and analysis
  • Customized instrument design and the development of patient-reported outcome measures
  • Analysis of existing data and writing of statistical methods and results sections of manuscripts
  • Statistical analysis relating to regulatory activities (both domestic and international)

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