Site Management and Monitoring

One pillar of success in a clinical study or research program is appropriate site selection, since it is key to recruitment, regulatory acceptance, cost and meeting study timelines. Site management is particularly important in hard to reach populations with rare conditions, which NERI understood early on. Over the years we have built an extensive global database of sites and investigators with proven track records of excellent patient recruitment and protocol adherence. Included are thousands of sites throughout North America, South America, the European Union, Eastern Europe, and research centers in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Since we value the role of study participants, Site Management and Monitoring is an ongoing study long process:

  • As part of its pre-study qualification responsibilities, NERI uses our database to identify the best sites for multi-center research studies.
  • Our web-based Clinical Trial Management System efficiently manages sites world-wide by allowing for ongoing management of recruitment, site performance, regulatory documentation, and site payments.
  • The system also links a site database with the protocol database for each clinical study and monitors site performance via real-time reports. This ensures rapid identification and correction of problems at clinical sites.
NERI maintains in-house and regional Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) to ensure regulatory compliance for all studies.

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