Subject Recruitment and Retention

Our Epidemiology and Clinical Research departments partner with our digital strategies team for unparalleled subject recruitment and retention strategies utilizing a variety modalities to reach different patient populations. With over 30 years of experience in community-based, epidemiological, clinical trial, and registry projects, NERI is able to implement campaigns for not only subject recruitment but also subject retention, especially in long-term studies to meet accrual targets as well as minimize lost to follow-up and maintain statistical power.

NERI’s nearly two decades managing the data coordinating center for the Pediatric Heart Network illustrates these strengths. NERI also understands the importance of educating patients about clinical research. As an example of these efforts, NERI has developed the Children and Clinical Studies program to educate families, physicians, and researchers about the importance of conducting clinical research in children, and what it means to participate in a clinical trial.