Working at NERI

Enrichment and Development

At NERI we recognize the basic human need for growth, both professionally and personally. NERI employees create and maintain individual development plans to help ensure that they meet their career goals. To support this effort, the company provides a variety of training programs, as well as an educational assistance program to help employees improve job-related skills.

Job development at NERI, however, is about much more than formal training. We offer opportunities to work across projects and institutes within the organization in order to broaden employee horizons, build new skills on the job, and maintain energy and enthusiasm for one’s work.


Diversity in the broadest sense has been a core principle of NERI from the beginning. We believe our commitment to a workforce that is diverse in terms of race, gender, national origin, personal affinity, physical ability, and age enhances our corporate competitiveness.

We embrace differences of experience and perspective within the organization because often the best, most creative, and effective solutions arise from a healthy give-and-take between individuals who bring different knowledge and skill sets to bear on a problem.

What Defines a NERI Employee?

The following traits are typical of people who thrive at NERI:


  • Positive, open-minded outlook
  • See challenges as opportunities, not obstacles
  • Embrace change
  • Respectful
  • Team player

Work Style

  • Results-oriented problem solvers
  • Pro-active: take initiative and actively look for ways to make improvements and avert problems
  • Willing to share information and previous experiences to help ensure everyone's success


  • Articulate: can express ideas clearly and listen carefully to the perspectives of others
  • Critical thinker: can evaluate situations objectively and identify solutions
  • Energetic: can motivate others to move things forward and drive results
  • Ability to manage ambiguity effectively, remaining productive even when all information may not yet be available

If you have these traits and seek like-minded people working in an environment that supports and values such people, please check out our job opportunities.