Clinical Trials and Registries

NERI is not your typical CRO. Our distinctive approach makes us sought after for over 30 years. We have remained true to our mission “No Research without Therapeutic or Policy Benefit” leveraging our scientific expertise to design, plan and execute global studies that derive the maximum information from every trial. Client confidence in early results allows rapid decision making and cost savings, while flexible and nimble strategic design can enable shorter trials with fewer participants for earlier approval. Our expertise in deriving the most from smaller studies has made NERI a leader in rare, orphan, and underserved diseases, as well as special populations such as pediatrics, the elderly, and minorities. Our commitment to science drives our research, and our understanding of commercial value drives our management processes.

How have we continued our decades long successes? Simple: our people are our greatest assets. Our scientists are experienced and dedicated, our corporate spirit is innovative and solution oriented, and our goal is always to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Federal funding enables team members to also pursue their own research, fostering innovative thinking that provides our industry partners insight into the latest methodologies, access to thought leaders, flexibility in approach and nimbleness in process.

The result: Thoughtful Science, Tailored Solutions.