Our Focus

From Marfan Syndrome to sickle cell anemia or pulmonary hypertension, NERI’s proven experience in conducting clinical trials and registries in groups with orphan conditions and illnesses, demonstrates our strength in harnessing expertise and outreach of clinical sites, patient advocacy groups and non-profit organizations to meet trial goals and timelines.



Pediatric Clinical Trials

  • 50% of NERI clinical trials and registries involve child patients.
  • Currently, NERI is involved with trials or registries that include about 23,000 pediatric subjects across 490 U.S. and international research sites, many with required subject retention over several years.
  • NERI knows how to overcome the various challenges associated with pediatric research, including study design modifications, informed consent and assent, regulatory submissions, and subject recruitment.
  • NERI is the Data Coordinating Center for the NIH Pediatric Heart Network and numerous clinical registries, including pediatric cardiomyopathy and thalassemia patients.
Our expertise begins with neonates, but spans the life course, through infants with congenital heart defects, teenagers with sickle cell disease, adults with aortic aneurysms and aging populations with chronic conditions.

Our research in age-related disease doesn’t stop there. NERI has been a leader in epidemiologic and health services research on cardiovascular health, menopause, osteoporosis, sexual health, and urinary incontinence. This research provides a continuous connection to the community and an understanding the natural history and current health policies which can affect the trajectory of trial.