Digital Strategies

The need for good communication is essential in the support of clinical trial recruitment and retention efforts, and for disseminating health research findings. NERI recognized early on that having internal expertise in communication would be essential to provide research with benefit to our sponsors and our study populations.

Our communications team remains current on the latest digital strategies and technologies which impact health research through practice and training. This expertise translates into our ability to provide our clients with appropriate guidance on leveraging digital opportunities for improved awareness, recruitment, retention, and dissemination in support of clinical research.

NERI’s Digital Strategies staff are fluent in the technical aspects of 21st-century media production, but also in medical science and research methods. Because our team also conducts primary research based on technologies impacting health care and delivery we are effective “translators” of often complicated medical information. We regularly work with physicians, scientists, researchers and clients to connect the dots between technology-based strategies and scientific requirements.


NERI provides complete oversight and supervision of technology based projects in partnership with award winning production partners enabling our team to offer a wide range of services in the digital space:

  • Digital video and audio production and direction (on-location or studio)
  • Talent selection (video and audio)
  • Script writing (documentary or dramatic)
  • Production, design, and programming for web-based programs
  • Production and design for mobile devices
  • Post-production activities (editing, music, voice-over)
  • Medical writing and editing (for journal articles, presentations, or conferences)
  • Creation of medical and scientific PowerPoint presentations
  • Design, implementation, and mixed method analysis specifically for research projects using or evaluating digital technology
  • Specific expertise in hard to reach or special populations (children, veterans, disparities, rare/orphan disease)

NERI is an award-winning producer of health-related educational media programs with a long list of titles currently in distribution.

Many of NERI’s products are CME or CE accredited and nearly all have been scientifically evaluated for effectiveness in improving one or a combination of the following: knowledge, self-efficacy, and/or behavioral intentions.

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NERI is a proud host of the NHLBI Children and Clinical Studies program.

The Children and Clinical Studies program helps to educate families about why research is important and what it means to participate in a clinical trial.

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NERI is an award-winning Digital Strategies Organization.

NERI-produced health education programs have won every major award in health and medical communications for a range of programs:

  • Freddie Award
  • CINE Golden Eagle Award
  • Telly Award
  • International Monitor Award
  • National Educational Media Competition Award
  • International Health and Medical Film Festival Finalist
  • National Health Information Award
  • Videographer’s Award
  • Aesculapius Award
  • Communicator Award
  • Gene Screen
  • W3 Award
  • National Rebrand Competition