At NERI, we make a conscious effort to avoid disciplinary isolation and flash-in-the-pan research. As a result, our multi-disciplinary research teams can deliver a broader perspective about the many different contributors to disease processes. Our teams work collaboratively within NERI and at other institutions to creatively integrate findings from divergent fields. For many years we have been exploring the important public health questions surrounding variations in health access that contribute to differences in disease outcomes. In so doing, we are expanding the foundational research on which clinical trials are conducted.


By combining the strengths of our scientists, NERI is able to offer comprehensive experience across all types of epidemiological studies: feasibility, observational, randomized trials, registries, and patient-reported outcomes.

Our unique position in the CRO landscape enables our team of scientist to examine the distribution (prevalence and incidence) and determinants of specific medical conditions in many populations. As well, we consider the role of genetics along with other factors such as lifestyle, environment, economic and system contributors.

The core strengths of NERI's epidemiology services include excellence in study design and the application of epidemiologic methods, our depth of therapeutic knowledge, and an excellent track record of scientific publication resulting in enhanced disease understanding.

John McKinlay, Senior Vice President