Boston Area Community Health Survey

Our innovation and leadership in epidemiology is best illustrated in the internationally recognized Boston Area Community Health (BACH) survey.

This population-based observational research study was initially conducted from 2002-2005. This survey used an advanced multi-stage stratified random sample to recruit 5,502 men and women aged 30-79 years in three racial/ethnic groups from the city of Boston. Two additional follow-up assessments of BACH were completed in 2010 (BACH II) and 2012 (BACH III) on 4,144 and 3,155 subjects, respectively resulting in an unmatched longitudinal cohort. Numerous ancillary studies have been conducted both by NERI investigators and in collaboration with clients accessing these robust datasets.

Data from this cohort study provides epidemiological and clinical understanding of major disease processes in urology, endocrinology, diabetes/prediabetes, sleep medicine and bone health. Subject retention over this decade-long study and our scientific productivity have been outstanding.

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