Health Services and Disparities

We understand that the ability to navigate the complexities of the health care system is important to the success of a clinical trial or research study. Often working in partnership with our epidemiologists, NERI’s social and behavioral scientists have conducted many pioneering factorial experiments to understand the changing role of the patient, provider and organization within the health care system. These studies have revealed where health care variations or disparities are generated or amplified providing a unique perspective for our clients.

Health services and disparities research at NERI relies on our broad multidisciplinary expertise to conduct appropriate observational surveys and experimental studies and analyze the resulting data both quantitatively and qualitatively.

This research informs broader research at NERI by providing contextual considerations when conducting a trial, considering recruitment and retention, or understanding changes in the health care system or policies impacting health care delivery.

NERI’s approach, often termed “healthy public policy,” contributes to our thoughtful scientific approach and strategic thinking in delivery of services.