Sonja McKinlay, PhD

Co-Owner and President

Sonja McKinlay, with her husband, John McKinlay, founded NERI in 1986. As President, Sonja McKinlay has led the organizational growth of the company while at the same time pursuing her own widely-recognized research interests. Her commitment to the highest intellectual and scientific standards has been at the core of NERI’s growth into an internationally respected, independent research organization.


  • Ph.D., Kings College, Aberdeen University, Mathematical Statistics
  • M.Sc. (with Distinction), Kings College, Aberdeen University, Mathematical Statistics
  • M.A. (Honors), Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Languages

Current Areas of Interest

  • Clinical trial methodology and implementation
  • Co-authored Successful Randomized Trials: a Handbook for the 21st Century (Editors: M. Domanski & S. McKinlay, 2009)

Awards, Honors, and Affiliations

  • Faculty Fellow, Radcliffe Institute for Independent Study (1976-79)
  • M.A. (Honorary Degree), Brown University (1983)
  • Founding Fellow, American College of Epidemiology